Armenian Wines

Prints of ancient grapevine were discovered in the clay lake sets of the upper flows of the river Eghegis in the Armenian Vayots Dzor region and the archeological researches of those prints proved their 4-5 thousand year origin. 
Other ancient artifacts unearthed by archeologists state the grapes were used in the second half of the VI millennium B.C. and were discovered in the Neolithic residency of Aratashen, not far from Vagharshapat. 
The ancient remnants of wine grapes were discovered in the south-eastern plain of Kharberd, in the second half of the 5th millennium B.C. 
Ararat plain is the most important farming and historical as well as cultural center of Armenia. The researches of the Armenian grapes seeds discovered from excavations of the VIII-VII centuries BC largest cities of Van kingdom (Urartu) located in Ararat plain show that they belong to the processed grapes grades. 
When comparing the modern sorts of grapes, it became clear that the grapes discovered from Urartu monuments are similar with their shapes to the local grades of grapes widely raised in Ararat plain today. 
Near the Sisian city in the middle Bronze Age tomb (XIX – XVII centuries B.C.) was found a cup the innage of the walls of which states that wine was kept in it. Besides the remains of grapes, there were also found cups for wine in the different parts of the Armenian Highland. 
A lot of royal carvings about planting vineyards and ceremonies concerning it, wine sacrificing, wineries and wine storage were found in Van kingdom (Urartu), Armenian Highland, in the IX –VIII centuries B.C. Interesting facts about wine making in Armenia come to us from non-Armenian ancient writers also.

Armenia Granade Pomegranate in Ceramic Bottle

Interbalt Products The wine is made of sweet pomegranate growing in south- eastern part of Armenia which , harvest is taking palace in the late autumn . A special technology has been developed for this wine production which allows to keep pomegranate’s characteristic taste and aroma. It is bottled by a special technology, which provides filling durability of wine.The bottle of this wine has a pomegranate’s shape made of clay.It is especially a handiwork which because of its shape named “Nrnik”.This bottle is a unique work of art which is completely corresponding to the drink’s quality containing in it.

Condition: alcohol 10-12%.



Armenia Pomegranate Semi Sweet Wine

Interbalt Products The Pomegranate is genuinely identified as a symbol of Armenia, representing life, prosperity and abundance, delicious and healthy fruit. It has a dark red color with ruby highlights and a very expressive aroma with notes of pomegranate and red fruits. It is rich, with smooth and well-dissolved tannins. Fresh, marvelously enduring aftertaste. It is recommended as an aperitif, also pairs well with red meat and chicken, spicy dishes, cheeses and desserts.





Armenia White Dry

Interbalt ProductsThe release of this ARMENIA white dry wine introduces a new era of exceptional high quality wine production. This wine with its unique characteristics is made of the Kangoun type of grape from rigorously selected vineyards of the Ararat valley and of high-quality classic grape varieties from the most prestigious mountain regions of Armenia.
ARMENIA white dry wine receives the same care and attention as that given to all top quality white wines marrying tradition with modernity. 
Distinguished wine it has the flower and berry bouquet of the great whites. 

Serve chilled it makes an excellent aperitif and is also a perfect accompaniment to fish and seafood.

Alc.: 14%


Armenia Red Dry

Interbalt ProductsThe release of this ARMENIA red dry wine introduces a new era of exceptional high quality wine production. This wine with its unique characteristics is made of the Areni type of grape rigorously selected from the most prestigious Vayots dzor mountain regions and of high-quality classic grape varieties from the Ararat valley.
ARMENIA red dry wine receives the same care and attention as that given to all top quality red wines marrying tradition with modernity.
Distinguished wine that is both delicate and structured with a pronounced bouquet, intense, red ruby colour and a long aftertaste. 

Goes well with: meat, game and cheese.

Serve at a room temperature.

Alc.: 12.5%

Armenia Mardik Pomegranate Semi Sweet

Interbalt Products The Mardik Pomegranate wine from Armenian is a blend of both tartness and fruitiness. If you enjoy a semi-sweet red wine, you’ve found the perfect wine to adorn your table. Mardik Pomegranate wine is great complement if you’re serving lamb.
When you pull the cork out of the bottle the rich aroma is unleashed. Pour yourself a glass and breath deep the dark flavors of this wine. Your first taste may leave your head spinning. The peppery tartness mixed with the fruitiness of the Mardik Pomegranate will leave your senses wanting more, Mardik Pomegranate wine comes in two variations: Semi-Sweet or Semi-Dry.




Armenia Areni Dry Red

Interbalt Products Aged wine. Produced from the grape harvest of 2005 year. Red, dry wine is made by a technology specially developed for its processing. The wine is made of a grape variety named "Areni". Due to years aging it has a harmonic aroma and taste. The attractive red color and unique taste tempts everyone to taste the wine again and again. "Areni Premier" aged wine because of its high quality and taste has its own place among the other aged wines of "Ijevan" brand. "Areni Premier -2005" is inseparable companion of barbecue table.





Armenia Areni Semi Sweet Red

Interbalt Products The wine is made of a specia sort of grape called "Areny".

Condition: 10-12% alcohol, sugar, 3-5%.

It's takes place a special selective harvesting of wine grapes, after full technical ripeness of grapes for making this wine. The semisweet wine "Areni" is made by a special technology, developed only for its processing, which allows you to feel a characteristic taste and aroma of grape variety. The wine has a pleasant taste, and special thickness. The wine is recommended to use with light dishes and fruit.




Armenia Vazashen Semi Sweet Red

Interbalt Products Half-sweet red wine.Made of "Saperavi" grape variety.

Condition: alcohol 10-12%, 3-5% sugar.

The wine is aging in oak barrels.The bottling takes place after special reprocessing.This drink is dark, red colored and shines under sunlight .The wine "Vazashen" is made only specially selected sorts of grape which grows only in grapes' gardens in the village of Vazashen.The geographical position of this village is favorable for it more sweet and ripened being.The wine "Vazashen" and all other half-sweet wines may be used both with hot dishes and with dessert.It's preferable to use at room temperature.



Armenia Tnakan Dry Red

Interbalt Products Dry red wine from old the vines of Areni variety the area of which is on the right bank of the river Areni in Vayots Dzor region. The wine has a dark ruby color, oak tones, elegant bouquet with delicate aromas of plums and red ash. It goes well with meat dishes. A ceramic bottle on a wooden stand with rope handles is a great souvenir and a gift reminding of Armenia.




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