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The finest beer from Bosnia and Herzegovina! Sarajevo beer has one of the few leading companies in our region and by far the most popular and successful brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It contains 11.2% extract. Sarajevo beer is produced from our famed natural spring water wells, barley's malt, corn and hops.

Water is indispensable ingredient of Sarajevo Beer. Water quality has been constant and has not been changed in period long almost 150 years. Australia.



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Produced by modern technology and original brewing method from the best-quality and carefully selected ingredients, which after 60 days of ripening under strictly controlled conditions gives delicious flavour, full taste of lager beer and golden color.

It should be served at 5 C with compact spume.

Alcohol content : 5,0 % vol.



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Meet The Russian Beer

Baltika Breweries was founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Modern equipment and advanced technology made it possible to deliver high-quality products, and Baltika became the leader on the Russian beer market in 1996. Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer: it commands more than 70% of all beer exports from Russia, and has been named “Best Russian Exporter” numerous times by the Russian government.

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