Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBakalar Premium Lager

Light lager is gifted with short bitter refreshing scent.

It is brewed after an old Czech tradition, with eye delighting & glittering golden color and rich head.

It responds to the demands of wide consumer's groups at various parties, celebrations and friends' meetings.




Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBakalar Pale

Mild ale meant for pouring, possesses pleasant hop bitterness, golden color and perfect taste.

It is meant not only for young mates of hop liquor.

It refreshes at merrymaking, sports and meetings with friends.




Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBakalar Amber

Dark lager has caramel sweetish taste; here you can find slight scent of burnt malt.

Its taste is full and the foam dense.

This brand is immediately intended for refreshing the humankind's neater half.





Interbalt Products : Wholesale Importers

Meet The Russian Beer

Baltika Breweries was founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Modern equipment and advanced technology made it possible to deliver high-quality products, and Baltika became the leader on the Russian beer market in 1996. Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer: it commands more than 70% of all beer exports from Russia, and has been named “Best Russian Exporter” numerous times by the Russian government.

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