Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersArsenalnoe Lager

is produced by Baltika Breweries since 2000.

Originally Arsenalnoe was produced at Baltika-Tula brewery only and distributed mainly in central Russia. However, the regional brand soon started to win recognition of beer lovers throughout the country.

The brand has a collection of more than twenty five awards of various Russian and international contests. The secret of Arsenalnoe beer is fine raw materials, modern equipment, and the experience of highly skilled experts.



Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

Produced using a unique technology which permits removal of the alcohol content while ideally preserving the beer's full flavor.

Baltika 0 has the classic taste and aroma of beer with sweetish notes. Lager beer produced using select varieties of pale and caramel malts and the best quality hops.

This beer variety has a light and harmonious aroma, mild malt taste and fine, "pure" hops bitterness. The ingredients are water, Light Barley and Caramel malts, maltose syrup and hops.



Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N3 Classic Beer

Baltika is a foamy, golden brew with a delicate flavor of hops and the aroma of first-class malt.

Baltika is the best selling beer brand in Europe and the leading beer brand in Russia and originates from the Baltika Breweries in St Petersburg.

It was introduced in 1992 and has made impressive progress in the dynamic Russian beer market.




Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N4 Original Beer

A dark beer produced using caramel and rye malts.

This combination of ingredients endows the beer with a harmonious hint of bread flavors and the specific aroma of caramel malt.





Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N5 Gold Beer

A lager produced using select varieties of pale and caramel malts and the best quality hops.

This beer variety has a light and harmonious aroma, mild malt taste and fine, "pure" hops bitterness.





Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N6 Porter

A classic porter beer brewed according to traditional English recipes.

This dark beer possesses a full flavor, as well as high density and strength. Hints of wine can be felt in the aroma.





Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N7 Export Lager

Brewed from selected malt and rare hop which is noted for taste intensity.

Having unique quality and flavor characteristics and original premium packing, Baltika №7 Export has earned high popularity in Europe and received recognition of consumers in more than 40 countries all over the world.





Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N8 Wheat Beer

An unfiltered lager beer produced from a recipe using wheat malt.

Baltika #8 Wheat beer has all the qualities of this beer variety: a thick and dense head, as well as a mind, fruity aroma with notes of spices and a mild sweetness.





Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika N9 Strong

A strong lager beer with a taste close to classic lager varieties.

The flavor is light and there is a suggestion of malt, together with sweetish notes and mild hops bitterest.

This beer is brewed from select ingredients using the most up-to-date technology. It uniquely combines a strong beverage with lightness of taste.




Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersBaltika Cooler

Baltika Cooler is an innovative product launched in 2006 to strengthen Baltika’s leadership of the Russian beer market.

It’s a refreshing, highly drinkable lager with an attractive, modern image, based on a transparent bottle with a pull-off lid.




Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersNevskoe Classic

Nevskoe appeared in the market in the beginning of the 1990s and was one of the first Russian beer brands. Since its launch this premium beer has an invariable premium quality and a special soft taste. The successful development of the brand has been accompanied by changes and innovations, and today Nevskoe is one of the leading brands in the premium segment of the Russian beer market.

The specific features of the brand advantageously singling it out from the competitors are a soft and at the same time rich taste, deep amber color, and a noble hop flavour. Nevskoe was created at the Baltika-Vienna brewery the history of which goes back more than 140 years. Its recipe reflects the best brewing traditions of St Petersburg.

Only environmentally-friendly natural materials and cutting-edge technologies and equipment are used in the production of this beer. The quality of Nevskoe is recognized not only by beer lovers but also by experts. Nevskoe brand was many times distinguished by awards of various Russian and international contests. In 2009 Nevskoe Classic received awards of two international contests - gold medal in the Pilsner category at Monde Selection-2009 in Belgium and silver medal at Superior Taste Award in Brussels founded by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi).


Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersYarpivo Lager

is an amber-yellow foamy drink the color of the sun with an exquisite flavor of hops and excellent saturated taste. Yarpivo is brewed according to traditional recipes using the selected malt and hops.

The history of Yarpivo brand started in 1998 in Yaroslavl, an ancient Russian city, a part of Russia’s Golden Ring and the world’s cultural heritage. Called in honor of Yaroslavl the beer is brewed according to the ancient recipe in the very center of Russia.

Thanks to the skills of Yaroslavl brewers Yarpivo quickly gained popularity among beer lovers not only in Yaroslavl but also throughout Russia. No wonder that Yarpivo for many years has been one of the most popular beer brands on the Russian market.


Interbalt Products : Wholesale ImportersZhigulevskoje

is the most well-known and popular beer brand since the Soviet times. Notably, it is with the release of a Zhigulevskoe batch in 1990 Baltika Breweries kicked off its history. Now Zhigulevskoe is produced according to a traditional recipe and in compliance with GOST using only modern equipment and high-quality raw materials, which ensures the high quality of beer and its excellent taste.

Baltika started continuous production of Zhigulevskoje in 2003. Already by 2005 Zhigulevskoje brewed in Baltika took one of the leading positions on the Russian beer market and the first place in its segment. Zhigulevskoje produced by Baltika Breweries is available to customers in Russia and also abroad. Regular export is done to Germany, Israel, Greece, Portugal, the U.S., Mongolia, as well as Baltic and CIS countries.

The classic recipe that passed the test of time and beer lovers, as well as the enormous experience and modern technologies of Baltika Breweries ensure the high quality of this beverage at an affordable price.


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Meet The Russian Beer

Baltika Breweries was founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Modern equipment and advanced technology made it possible to deliver high-quality products, and Baltika became the leader on the Russian beer market in 1996. Baltika Breweries is the leading exporter of Russian beer: it commands more than 70% of all beer exports from Russia, and has been named “Best Russian Exporter” numerous times by the Russian government.

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