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Any childbirth is perceived a mysterious, inexplicable process, whether it is a new human being who is born or a beverage. For the Nemiroff vodka to be born, it takes some time. First, the high-quality grains are used to produce high-grade alcohol, which, after meticulous selection and tasting is mixed with water. The water used for Nemiroff's vodkas is not your ordinary water, either. From deep Artesian wells, through environmentally clean pipelines, it is pumped to the surface. At the refinery, the water is additionally purified, with the use of up-to-date equipment. Due to the unique salt composition in the water, the future product will possess inimitable taste properties. Water and alcohol, blended in the right proportion, becomes the perfect basis for preparation of the TMNemiroff drinks. Before that happens, however, it gets purified yet one more time, with charcoal filters. That process is not applied in the classical vodka production, but is a must for the Nemiroff products. 

Nemiroff Honey Pepper

Interbalt ProductsHoney and pepper — this exquisite and, by its nature, conflicting combination gives vodka an unexpectedly memorable taste and a lasting aftertaste. Just take a sip, and you will feel the lingering notes of a soft and subtle prelude with a touch of flower-flavoured honey and steppe herbs, followed by the pleasantly burning taste of red chilli pepper. Sweet warm sensation flowing through your body will make you feel warm and will please your soul. 

Nemiroff Honey Pepper — is the company's own authoring, an original and unusually sensual drink that reflects all the facets of our lives, with their beauty, complexity and unpredictability. To create that taste, all the ingredients undergo thorough selection. In assessing the batches of red chilli pepper, we pay close attention to the colour and size of the peppers, and carefully check whether all requirements in the drying process were met. In choosing the honey (buckwheat, as a rule), we pay special attention to its colour and, no less importantly, whether it has a touch of bitterness in its taste. After all, those are the ingredients that, to a large extent, determine the quality of the Nemiroff Honey Pepper bitters, which, from its launch in September, 1998, has grown into the true business card for Ukraine. 

Due to the huge demand for this product, today Nemiroff Honey Pepper is sold in the whole range of bottles, beginning from 0.05l «minions» and up to the 1.75l shtof-shaped bottles, depending on what market they are



Nemiroff Cranberry

Interbalt ProductsThe noble taste of brandy. Accompanied by a touch of sour cranberry, hand-picked on the faraway marshes in Siberia, adding excellent 4-years-aged cognac from Crimea, gives the pronounced individuality and harmonious bouquet to that surprising drink. The traditionally high technologies applied by Nemiroff and the high-quality natural ingredients ensure irreproachable quality of the Nemiroff Cranberry. 

The product was launched on the Ukrainian market in April, 2003. At present time, Nemiroff Cranberry is sold in the 0.05 litre and 0.1l «minion» bottles, as well as in 0.5 litre and 0.7l shtof-shaped bottles. The Nemiroff Cranberry, together with the same capacity bottles of other drinks, is included in the Nemiroff's «minion» gift set. 

Today our liqueur is successfully marketed in 25 countries of the world. The Nemiroff Cranberry is especially popular in Russia, France and Azerbaijan. 

The universal nature of Nemiroff Cranberry made it popular with both consumers and professionals as well: bartenders in many countries use this delicious liqueur as an original basis for cocktails. 

Besides, it is one of those drinks that cannot stand haste and fuss – as a true digestive, it will fully reveal its taste when you slowly relish on it.



Nemiroff Original

Interbalt ProductsA stylish, truly masculine vodka with a bright personality and a sense of dignity. Discover the unusual flavour of this vodka, feel its distinctive self-assertive taste, appreciate its complete and bold composition that includes caraway and honey. In selection of the caraway seeds special attention is given to the correct drying process to preserve their natural colour and flavour. When we select honey (giving preference to light-coloured varieties), we take into consideration all factors from its taste properties to even the location of the apiary. 

One of the first special vodkas, independently developed by specialists of Nemiroff Company, the Nemiroff Original was launched on the market in September, 1999. Later because of its elegant black label consumers started calling this vodka «the Black Nemiroff». 

The overwhelming popularity of the Nemiroff Original determined the wide range of bottles it sells in – from the 0.05l «minion» bottle to the carafe containing 1.75l. And it's not surprising that Nemiroff Original is a component of different gift sets which are always a welcome souvenir for those you care about. This masculine vodka can often be seen at bars in different countries from Australia to the Netherlands. At present, Nemiroff Original is exported to 28 countries of the world. 

The lasting aftertaste of Nemiroff Original emphasizes the noble origin of this



Nemiroff Birch Special

Inerbalt ProductsMoments of joy or minutes of merriment give us emotions as strong and bright as Life itself. The Nemiroff Birch Special was created as a unique beverage of vivacity, jollity and victories. This vodka, which is one of the youngest among Nemiroff Company's productss is a combination of centuries-old traditions of the Ukrainian 'horilka' distilling, an exclusive recipe and high-quality natural ingredients. It was launched on the Ukrainian market in March, 2005. 

«Drinking an extract on birch-tree buds is casting a spell for your merriment» – this time-tested recipe is not only interesting from the historical standpoint. 

The new Nemiroff's vodka is a delicious product. Its every drop is filled with joy, shining through the light bitterness of birch buds, the mellow flavour of linden blossom and the mild fruit finish. Some ingredients we use in our blend to give you that exceptional taste trace back to the Kievan Rus traditional recipes of birch-bud-flavoured liquors that retain all the wholesome properties of birch tree and reveal the brightest colours of the nature. It is those potions which have given strength, resistance to illness, sense of well-being and joviality to everyone who tastes the healthful drinks. 

At present, the Nemiroff Birch Special is sold in shtof-shaped bottles ranging from 0.05l to 1.75l. Among the 21 countries of the world where Nemiroff Birch Special is exported to, consumers in Russia, Azerbaijan, Latvia and France give it special preferences. 

The Nemiroff Birch Specialmay be consumed neat or as one of the main components in long drinks.


Nemiroff Rye Honey

Interbalt ProductsVodka possessing a surprisingly mild and delicate taste. Take a sip, and feel the warm wave spreading your body; enjoy the lasting aftertaste of rye bread tartness, faint sweetness of honey, and a pronounced note of a noble well-aged cognac. 

To produce the Nemiroff Rye Honey, we select rye bread baked exclusively by the classic technology: only that sort of bread contains rye, apple and honey tinges in its taste. 

The high popularity level of that vodka, launched in March, 2003, explains the wide range of bottles that it sells in, from 0.05l and 0.1l «minions» to the 0.75 litre bottles, designed specially for the US and Mexican markets. Besides, Nemiroff Rye Honey,together with the Nemiroff Honey Pepper, is a part of The Honey Collection gift set.



Nemiroff Delikat

Interbalt ProductsExperts of the first vodka company of Ukraine created a uniquely smooth vodka Nemiroff Delikat. 
Artesian water and high-quality alcohol softened with ginger add a specially smooth and delicate taste to the vodka. Especial and unique smoothness of the vodka is also emphasized due to its ultra-clarity and state-of-the-art design of the label. 
The main merits of Nemiroff DELIKAT are: DELICATE flavor, SMOOTH taste, CLEAR aftertaste. 
Nemiroff DELIKAT will always contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere and getting maximum pleasure from delicate communication. 






Nemiroff Lex

Interbalt ProductsThere are things that do not require any proofs of their outstanding properties. There are people who do not need outward demonstration of their significance. Nemiroff Lex is the vodka for the Great, the Successful, the Courageous, for those who change this world and hold it on their shoulders. 

The delicate bouquet, emphasised by the linden-tree blossom flavour, inimitable irreproachably mild taste… The alcohol used in its production is aged for up to 6 months. Besides the classical vodka purification technologies, the water-alcohol mixture that is used for production of Nemiroff Lex undergoes additional processing with a specially prepared adsorbent. Our company experts' know-how makes it possible to increase the time and effectiveness of the vodka purification and to exclude the build-up of foreign substances. 

The Nemiroff Lex first entered the Ukrainian market in November, 2003. At present, gourmets in 22 countries had their chance to give the unique Nemiroff Lex its due; among those are not only the traditionally vodka-drinking countries, such as Russia, Poland, Bulgaria or Georgia, but also Azerbaijan and Armenia, Belgium and the Netherlands, Germany and France, and even the faraway Australia and the USA. The first batch of Nemiroff Lex was bottled into 0.7 litre bottle that had been exclusively designed by Philippe Seys, an artist with the renowned Version Originale studio in France. Today, Nemiroff Lex is also bottled into 0.5 l and 0.75 l bottles. Also, Nemiroff Lex is sold in gift packaging, which can make a good VIP present. 

Nemiroff Lex vodka is best to be consumed chilled, in little sips, without chasing or washing it down. It is perfect for premium cocktails.



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