About us

Interbalt Products Corp. was established in 2002. Interbalt located in suburban Maryland, operates in Maryland and Washington D.C., serving restaurants, packaged goods stores, clubs and numerous embassies. It imports and distributes spirits, wine, and beer from around the World. As an importer, Interbalt has distributers in 18 states. Main goal and success of the company lies in supplying quality products for diverse market segments.

Interbalt Products offers spirits, wine, and beer from Europe, South America, Medditerian region, and more. Among the firm’s most popular products are Georgian wines. Interbalt Products introduced the first organic wines from Georgia to the United States, from two producers: Artevani and Shumi. Both are locatied in the historic Kakheti region and work with organically grown Saperavi grapes.

Interbalt Products Inc, Rockwell, Maryland