Interbalt Fine Wine & Spirits is an exclusive importer of Abrau-Durso sparkling wines in the United States. The production of Abrau-Durso sparkling wines started in the times of the Russian Empire. The classic sparkling wines created from grapes harvested on the picturesque slopes of Lake Abrau were served to the Royal Court. 150 years later, Abrau-Durso Russian Winehouse keeps producing sparkling wines, carefully preserving the traditions and using the state-of-the-art technologies.

The History of the Creation Abrau-Durso

Alexander II, by his Imperial Decree, ordered the creation of the Royal wine estate in Lake Abrau. The name of the specific estate was made up of the names of two nearby settlements Abrau and Durso. In 1872, the agronomist of the estate F. Heyduk bought abroad about 8000 vines of selective grapes and planted the first vineyard. The experience with planting vineyards was a success, due to a very suitable climate, about 365 of the 365 days a year here are sunny. In 1877, the first crop was harvested, and by 1882 the first vintage wines were produced at the estate.

The idea of producing champagne here belongs to Prince Lev Golitsyn, who was sent to the estate as the chief winemaker in 1891. He skillfully proceeded to establish production. By that time, he had already organized wine making in the Crimea. Prince repeatedly visited France to study the experience of the best connoisseurs of winemaking. He started to prepare the soil in Abrau-Durso for the production of sparkling wine using champenoise technology (French méthode champenoise).

Golitsyn initiated construction of an underground tunnel-type winery with cellars inside and stretched the road from Novorossiysk. In 1893, the estate switched to growing special champagne grapes, and in 1896 a small number of bottles of domestic sparkling wine were already produced.

Experienced champagne producers from France were invited to Abrau-Durso to work to improve the quality of wines. In 1905, the French winemaker Victor Dravigny became the head of the master-winemakers of the Specific Royal Estate. He managed to bring the properties of Russian wine to an excellent level. This allowed the Abrau-Durso estate to become the supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty.

 Russian winemakers, 1900