Faberge Vodka

The unique Faberge eggs-styled cases inspired by works of Karl Faberge are the true masterpieces of Imperial Collection brand. Each case is made of 24K gold plated metal alloy, covered with enamel of different colors and decorated with gilded elements and colored crystals. The decanters are made at the old Italian factory founded in the XII century, where the secrets of production of famous Venetian glass are transmitted from one generation to another. The decanter is decorated with pure gold and has a gilded cap with a red Swarovski crystal on top. The composition is completed with an elegant golden eagle, which was designed by one of the most famous Florentine masters, who works in Vatican for over thirty years.

Imperial Collection vodka is a unique product, clean, soft and refined taste of which is created for true connoisseurs. By uniting historical traditions of vodka manufacture, jewelry art and modern technologies we created not just perfect vodka, but a real handcrafted masterpiece. Imperial Collection has won the highest awards at tasting competitions, and is the choice of discerning palates around the world.