The true essence of the vineyards in the Asolani hills is encompassed in our Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG. This Prosecco is obtained from Glera grapes, a bounteous grape variety with a robust texture, it is a tardive grape that matures towards the mid-September. The Winemaking Process The grapes are subjected to a soft pressing which is followed by a cold settling. Selected yeasts are added to the clarified must, and it is then fermented in thermo-conditioned containers. This first phase of slow fermentation is monitored daily. The same attention is given to the second fermentation, monitored in every detail from the choice of yeasts and the processing temperature. The product is  tabilized, then filtered and bottle. The Wine In a pale-yellow straw color shines a joyous foam that is subtle and persistent, enhancing the soft, youthful fragrance. The characteristic aroma ranges from fruity to floral. It is a soft wine, at once velvety and dry thanks to its balanced acidic notes. Splendidly balanced, it is undoubtedly a product of superior quality. The surprising freshness that tickles as it lingers, makes this wine suitable for all occasions. A fine aperitif that is also excellent with shellfish.