SHUMI Winery

“Wine company SHUMI” is one of the leaders among producers of high quality Georgian wines. In ancient Georgia, The world “Shumi” meant genuine, undiluted wine. It has long since been used as a defining term for the best wine. The logo of the company is a griffin (“Phaskunji” in Georgian mythology), which according to an ancient legend, brought the very first brunch of grapes to the people. It was from these grapes that people stared growing vines on Earth.

The main advantage if the “Wine company SHUMI” is a full circle of production in a so called “closed cycle”, implying all stages of wine-making, from growing and harvesting grapes to producing and bottling finished wine in brand-name bottles and realizing it through distinguished trading outlets with impeccable reputation.

On July 17, 2005, for the first time in Georgian history, “SHUMI” introduced a method of “green harvesting”, i.e. increasing the quality of grapes through artificial reduction of productivity of its vineyards.